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Friday, 6 June 2014


my boyfie, my best friend, my everything

so this day, i went to kemang village with boyfie, brother, and ofcourse my sister ( she always be my photography and i always being her photography too )

honestly i dont feel comfort with my style today, i dont really like classy style ( expect for party ) and when you feel really not comfort with ur style, you end up with bad mood. ( i know you guys ever feel the same like me too ! ) and maybe u think im weird why i wearing style like this when im not feel comfort, becauseeeeeeeee im feelin comfort when im home, and its change when im arrived ( OKAY I KNOW IM WEIRD ) :((((( * POST YANG ANEH* *GUE JUGA ANEH* *JADI BINGUNG INI POST APA* oke cukup sampai disini sebelum gue makin aneh :'')


HEYAAAAAAAAA finally i do my own TIE DYE shirt, is it looks good? my boyfie helps me do this DIY tie dye :p idk its messy or no but i think good enough ;) so we using wantex blue, yellow, and pink, first we put wantex pink in washbasin, one-by-one ( not in the same washbasin) then yellow in washbasin, and finally blue in washbasin. put hot water in wash basin and mix wantex in it. wait untill 20minutes, after it, take wantex water and splash it on ur shirt. one by one! and finally TARAAA! done! :D happy tie dye!;))



DIY IPHONE CASE ( using ribbon and sun flower paper )

so i just remake my blog since i forgot my pass and email for this account, and anw, all post is throw back :( so today i dress up like a clown, maybe? hahaha just like theme of this fashion show, "circus fashion show TED BAKER" and its accidentaly same with my style today.

see? i looks like one of them!!! hahaha too bad i deleted video this fashion show.

pict by aiiness